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About Us


Officially established in March of 2012, Art Era Media is an agency for the dreamers and believers. We support growth creatively through professional representation that aims to solidify a brand’s identity or an artist’s goals. Lead designer and creative director, Nadia (Rae), has over ten years of experience in the creative field as a performing artist, audio engineer and visual artist. Her work in the publishing and marketing fields is an offshoot of those interests and the skills to elevate creative talents into a viable career. Co-Creative director and conceptual designer, Clay, has over 10 years of experience in project management and 2 years of extensive visual design. His interests in cinematography and literary work guide his success as a conceptual artist.



Our aim is to merge the world of arts with community success. We seek to bridge the gap between the innovative creator and creative artist. We maintain reasonable rates for our clients because we believe in community growth. Our principles are based in high morale and values of artists who have inspired our movement to help others create a professional creative identity.



Art Era Media functions through simple communications between artist & client.

We provide multiple services through a variety of options and price ranges. Our prime interests are what the client desires, due dates, project purpose and promotion. Through inquiries Art Era will decipher client needs and respond promptly with a personalized package detailing the intricacies of the desired project.

From digital marketing packages for web entrepreneurs to print marketing specials for artists, Art Era Media reaches boundlessly to satisfy our clientele.

Art is as necessary as: water and air.

Brand Development0

CSS / Web Development / HTML 0

E-Book & Print Publishing0

Audio & Visual // Photography + Sound Design 0

Extensive Documentation

Art Era provides ALL clients with an extensive digital handbook of all procedures & project documentation. We maintain and teach self-proficiency across the field, to ensure our clients are confident in the quality and use of their projects.

Annual Updates

Art Era provides all clients with the option for annual or semi-annual updates in addition to their project package. We want to build long lasting relationships with our clients as designers and supporters of clientele goals.

Totally Responsive

ALL Art Era design is responsive, mobile-ready and created to be accessed via many mediums. We never want to impede our clients reach, especially when we believe that a consumer falls in love with design within his or her first minute of engagement.

Global Reach

We intend to assist you in growing your endeavors to reach a global market.

Detail Matters

Art Era exhibits love for our clients' success. We strive to ensure that we customize each design to create an identity that is not only outstanding but unique to your needs.

Awesome Support

Clay & Rae , our lead designers are available for assistance around the clock. We take our and your business vey seriously and intend to resolve all issues urgently, with care.


We are here to merge the creative and professional world , through a simple and reasonable approach. We aspire to redefine design as a universal sentiment to express and unite creators and entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a modern and creative way to reach clients on a global scale. As artists we can never limit how far our greatness extends, we aspire to break the mold and engage the world.

Design exceeds creativity. Great design is love.